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QIQI Products - Ingredients & Process

Bao Xin Wan

'Bao Xin Wan' is started by a Taiwan F&B Company director. Every new year period, this director is very busy due to work and is unable to have his reunion dinner with his family each year. His family tolerance and understanding made him wanted to create this new dish, to represent his gratefulness. Using meatball, he added soup meat and and soup base in the middle, which makes this product having both juicyness, tenderness and maintaining the great taste of the meat.

Tornado Food Pte Ltd important technology to create 'Bao Xin Wan' specially from Taiwan, hoping to give Singaporeans a wider variation of food. Wishing all races in Singapore, a better tolerance and understanding to their family.

Sesame Oil Chicken Ball

Sesame Oil Chicken has always been the main dish after child birth since ancient times, its consider a very nutritious delicacy which replenish the mother's body and ease lost of appetite. by eating sesame chicken, the body recovers at a very fast paste. Sesame chicken is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acid, into the body can be transformed into prostaglandins. Prostaglandins can promote uterine contraction and lochia discharge, help the uterus to recover as soon as possible, as well as soft stools, avoid the occurrence of maternal suffering from constipation, loss of maternal blood for the recovery of the body does have a good tonic effect.

Tornado Food developed 'Sesame Oil Chicken Ball' and hope that we are able to provide this nutritious and delicious food to our busy society today.


It is said that every meal for Qin Shihuang must have fish. But due to his hot temper, several chefs has been beheaded because of fishbones found in his food. Once there was a chef who was appointed to make the dish, knowing that he might be beheaded soon. he smash the fish hard with the back of his knife till all the meat got mashed and bones got exposed. Just at the same time, the eunuch came to collect the dishes, the chef put all the fish meat in a pot of soup boil and shape them into balls. Qin Shi Huang eat meatballs and is very pleased, He name them: "皇统无疆珠汆", which is what we known as "FishBall"

The origin of fish ball varies, but a good fish must possess several conditions, (Looks) pearl-like slip on, (Feel) sponge-like softness, (Taste) boiling the soup can smell the scent of fresh fish , (Texture) chewing with soft elastic and a soft fish flavor.

Cuttlefish Ball

Fried cuttlefish ball is one of the most known food sold by street vendors, roadside stalls or the food court at the basement level of shopping centers. They are nice treats, which most asians enjoyed eating, especially when they are dipped in a spicy chilly sauce.

Chicken Ball

QiQi Chicken balls make a tasty party plate for people of all ages!
They are easy too cook by boiling or frying
These go well with made up curry sauce, sweet and sour sauce, egg fried rice and more.

Fish Cake

Description coming soon!

Taiwan Gong Wan

'Gong Wan' in one of the most well known food for people in Taiwan, with a long history. Local legend says once there was a butcher, leaving his business to his son due to old age. Though the old man can not chew too hard object, he still prefer meat products. The son's wife came out with an idea, by mincing the neat and smashing it with a wooden stick follow by cooking, the meat taste even more tastier and refreshing. Since then, father meal must have this dish in every meal, the story spread throughout the village, and that is where "Gong Wan" origins.

Cheese Tofu

Tofu is a very healthy food, but the taste of tofu often is not welcome by children. fish is a very healthy food, but children are afraid of bones, therefore the children often do not get sufficient nutrition, as parents, we are always trying to find ways to make have our kids consume more fish and tofu. Which is why after a series of research on fish and tofu products, taking into consideration that a number of children prefer to eat cheesy dishes, which is a very healthy food, Tornado Food Pte Ltd came out with Cheese Tofu, which consist all 3 very healthy ingredient

Pork Paste

Description coming soon!

Sotong Paste

Description coming soon!