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Promotion and advertisement

Being a pioneer in bringing these new products that are not available beforehand in the market to the consumers, the company has been actively doing food sampling promotion at major hyper mart and food fare events.

Singapore Food Fare (2013)

Through, few years of consistent advertising in addition to the word of mouth, the consistency in food quality generates significant feedback and loyalty in customers. Especially, for our signature ‘QiQi Taiwan Gong Wan’ and ‘QiQi Bao Xin Wan’ that are highly sought after.

Future plans

With the increasing demand for the products and brand awareness broadening, the company is planning on venturing into full scale distribution to maximise the accessibility of the products to the consumers.

In addition, the easily recognisable packaging and good record of product quality, the company aims to bring the series of products to all neighbourhood and major distribution stores, thereafter going into large scale promotion and advertisement effort to better facilitate the exposure of our products to the public.