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About Tornado Food PTE LTD

Tornado Food was established in 2005. The company specializes in processed food production. Our customer base includes Hypermarkets, Restaurants, Hawker Centres, School canteens and Wholesale Distributers. We brand our product under “QIQI” and we also offer a host of private label products for our customers as well. In recent years, we have gained significant popularity and we now supply our products all over Singapore.

The company strives to maintain the highest standards for quality, safety and hygiene across all its manufacturing processes. Our modern production facilities is equipped with the state of art machines (which cost over $1 million) are congruent with all prevailing food standards and regulations. Food safety and quality are the underlying basis for the company.

The boss has made it a point to be involved in all stages of processing from the purchasing of raw materials to the whole manufacturing process in order to render better control and consistence food quality. With his meticulous monitoring from sourcing to the purchasing of the raw materials, our suppliers are all certified in order to maintain the quality of the products.

Our company pays particular attention to new product development and consistently upgrading our production in order to keep in line with the latest taste trend. With 20 years of food industrial experiences, we have introduced 2 new products namely the Bao Xin Wan and Taiwan Gong Wan which were originated from Taiwan. These products have been well received by our customers, through the feedback from major food exhibitions.

Our company consists of different departments namely Manufacturing/Packing, Sales/Customer Services and Delivery. We have a stringent manufacturing process to manage the manufacturing. We are using a well managed order processing system to handle the order management, packaging and delivery. Our customer service department is efficient in attending to any feedback and equiped with great product knowledge to provide any query to our customer on product and delivery information.

Tornado Food will continue to seek for the improvement in its manufacturing process, customer service and logistic to further increase the productivity.

House Brand: QIQI

Gong Wan are the most famous special local product in Taiwan HsinChu. It is so recognized, that an annual festival is dedicated to them. The name originally derives from Taiwanese: 摃 (to pound with a mallet). However, the character is usually rendered as 貢 (tribute, gifts) because its Mandarin pronunciation more closely matches the Taiwanese pronunciation of 摃.

QiQi(琪琪) Taiwan Gong Wan is made with specially formulated recipe from Taiwan that maintained the greatness of tradition flavor. QiQi(琪琪) Taiwan Gong Wan is different from normal pork ball generally sold in the market. The superiority in traditional recipe gave an extra fragrance during cooking together with a meaty taste texture

In line with the recent trend of ‘Xiao Long Bao,’ where succulent soup sauce oozes out of the piping hot dough wrapping that caused a huge craze all across Singapore. We successfully inculcated this concept into our current signature ‘Taiwan Gong Wan,’ and created a unique product namely, ‘Bao Xin Wan.’, with great effort and meticulous development

This mouth watery meat ball is wrapped with minced meat that is seasoned with our perfectly formulated sauce. During eating; the soup sauce that generated from the fusion of cooking will caused an unexpected outburst of sauce upon chewing. This gives rise to two different level of eating experience in one single product, where the taste of ‘Bao Xin Wan’ will be unforgettable.

Product packaging

In view of current competitive market in frozen food products, the company realizes the importance of good packaging and attractive logo to capture the attention of the public shopper.

All our products series has an additional vacuum packaging to further emphasize on meticulousness of the company to bring safer food to consumers. Our packaging design and brand logo is creatively designed by professional designing firm, with our ambassador ‘QiQi 琪琪’ printed on different striking color series to attract the shopper’s attention on first look.